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Efficacy of silver-peroxide compared to Loxyde (non silver stabilised peroxide)

Hereunder we compare some test results of a silver-peroxide with Loxyde using standard EU norm tests.

Type test Product Micro-organism tested dosage Disinfection time Results Log reduction Pass/fail
EN 1276:2009 Loxyde E. hirae 2% 1 5 minutes >5 PASS
EN 1276:2009 Silver-peroxide E. hirae 5% 2 5 minutes <2 FAIL
EN 1650:2008 Loxyde Candida albicans 2% 1 5 minutes ±5 PASS
EN 1650:2008 Silver-peroxide Candida albicans 5% 2 5 minutes <1.5 FAIL

1 This is 2% of the standard Loxyde solution containing 35% hydrogen peroxide.

2 This is 5% of the standard silver-peroxide solution containing 50% hydrogen peroxide

Silver-peroxide failed both tests!

Based on this example, Silver-peroxide is not very fast working or as effective as it claims to be.

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